Lunar calendar when planting tomatoes

The moon affects all fluids on Earth. Not only the ebb and flow of the ocean, but also the movement of sap in plants. Gardeners and horticulturists use this knowledge to obtain the highest possible yields from cultivated plants.

When to sow tomato seeds

Tomatoes are one of the most common vegetable crops. The homeland of this plant is South America, where its wild forms are found today. Since our climate is much harsher, seedlings are first grown, which are planted in a permanent place at 40–70 days of age.

Tomato seedlings

The timing of sowing seeds is calculated based on the age of the seedling, which it must reach by the time of planting in a permanent place. They are determined by several indicators:

  • Growing method - in a greenhouse, greenhouse or open field. 60–70 day old seedlings are planted in greenhouses and hotbeds, and at the age of 45–60 days in the beds.

    Tomato seedlings in the greenhouse

  • The term for fruiting is early, medium or late. For outdoor cultivation, seedlings of early varieties should grow 45–55 days, medium - 55–60 days, and later ones up to 70 days. Seedlings of tomatoes of early and medium terms of fruiting for greenhouses and greenhouses are grown for 10 days longer.
  • The size of an adult plant - tall or short. Tall tomato plants continue to grow after the emergence of the fruit cluster and can reach 3.5–5 m in height, setting new fruits. Seedlings of such tomatoes are grown for 55-60 days.

    Tall tomatoes

    Tomatoes are considered undersized, which grow up to 90 cm. Seedlings of such plants are grown for 45-50 days. And for greenhouses - at least 60 days.

    Seedlings of low-growing tomatoes

  • Climatic conditions - the temperature of the soil for planting seedlings in a permanent place should be at least 15 ° C at a depth of 15–20 cm, that is, where the roots of the tomatoes will be.

If the average daily temperature is at least 10 ° C, then in a few days the soil will warm up to the required fifteen degrees.

Determine the temperature of the soil using special thermometers.

Special thermometer for measuring soil temperature

Such thermometers come in different modifications, but they all necessarily have a metal sting that is immersed in the ground to determine the soil temperature and a digital scale showing the measurement result.

If there is no such thermometer in the gardener's farm, then experienced gardeners recommend:

  • pay attention to the birch leaves. If the leaf size has already reached 3.0 cm, then the tomatoes can be planted;
  • Immerse a hand without a glove in the ground a few centimeters and wait a few minutes. If the hand is not cold, then the roots of the tomatoes will be comfortable.

Southerners sow seeds for seedlings in February, and in more northern regions in March, or even in April.

Table for calculating the date of sowing tomatoes in the southern regions

Ripening periodSeedling age (days)Seedling planting date *From sowing to planting in the gardenCalculation of the sowing dateSowing date
Early45–5515.04–01.0555 + 10*** = 6515.04 – 65 = 10.0210.02
average55–6001.05–15.0560 + 10*** = 7001.05 – 70 = 20.0220.02
** Lateup to 7001.05–15.0570 + 10*** = 8015.05 – 80 = 10.0225.02

* In regions with different climatic conditions, tomatoes are planted in open ground:

  • early ripening varieties - in Ukraine and in the south of Russia from April 15 to May 1, in the central regions of Russia from May 1 to 15;
  • mid-season varieties - in the southern regions of Russia and Ukraine in the first half of May, and in the central ones - in the first decade of June.
  • ** late-ripening varieties are grown only in the south of Russia and Ukraine, since these plants need 120 to 160 days for fruit ripening, counting from the emergence of seedlings. Seedlings are grown for 70 days, and it will take another 50 to 90 days before harvesting. In the central regions, the summer is not so long.

*** Tomato seeds sprout from 7 to 14 days. The table shows 10 days as the average time for the first shoots to appear.

The timing of sowing tomato seeds for greenhouses and greenhouses is calculated in the same way as for open ground.

Video about the timing of sowing tomato seeds

Sowing day

Everyone who decides to grow tomato seedlings on their own determines the sowing time, taking into account the listed factors. The result of such calculations looks somewhat vague. For example: "Mid-February." And on which day to sow - the fourteenth or the seventeenth? The lunar calendar of works in the garden and vegetable garden helps to choose a specific date. It clearly states which work performed on that day will have the greatest effect. Each year these are different dates, because the duration of the lunar month is slightly more than 29.5 days, and the calendar month ranges from 28 to 31.

Full moon to new moon

If you do not have a lunar calendar of work in the garden and garden at hand, then you can independently choose the day of sowing, knowing in which phase and sign of the zodiac the moon is. Such data is always available in a simple loose-leaf calendar.

Moon data in a loose-leaf calendar

Two weeks before the full moon, the growing moon has a positive effect on the productivity of plants in which aerial parts (fruits or greens) are used. During this period, seeds are sown or planting seedlings of tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, legumes, greens, and so on in a permanent place.

Two weeks before the new moon, the waning moon has a beneficial effect on the yield of root crops - potatoes, carrots, beets and other vegetables, which use underground parts of plants.

On the day of the new moon, all life processes in seeds and plants slow down. Sowings made on the new moon and the next two days, crops do not germinate well or may not rise at all, and the seedlings planted during this period take root hard. On the full moon and the next 2 days, it is better not to plant or sow anything in the garden. But weeding these days will be the most effective.

The gardeners joke: “The garden should be kept according to the Vershkov and Koreshkov rule. We sow and plant tops on the growing moon, and on the waning roots».

In addition to the phases of the moon, gardeners pay attention to the signs of the zodiac through which it passes.

Calendar of works in the garden and the garden according to the signs of the zodiac

According to the effect on plants, signs are divided:

  • fertile ones are Libra, Taurus, Capricorn, Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio. Crops, planting and transplanting.
  • infertile - Aquarius, Aries, Virgo, Gemini, Leo. Weeding, pruning and spraying against pests and diseases.
  • wet - Cancer, Scorpio, Libra, Pisces. Watering, feeding.
  • dry - Sagittarius, Aries, Aquarius, Gemini. Harvesting.


Sowing lunar calendar for February

So, in February 2018, the most favorable days for sowing tomato seeds for seedlings are 9, 17, 20-22, 26.

It should be noted that on these dates the lunar calendar of works in the garden and the garden recommends to produce:

  • ninth - sowing of herbaceous perennials (Tomato is a perennial plant, but is grown as an annual.);
  • seventeenth - sowing vegetables in a greenhouse or apartment for seedlings;
  • from the twentieth to the twenty-second - sowing seeds of juicy vegetables in greenhouses or boxes that are not intended for storage and sowing vegetables for seedlings;
  • on the twenty-sixth - sowing vegetables for seedlings.

Days on which it is not recommended to perform the following work:

  • 1 - sow;
  • 2-3 - soak the seeds;
  • 14–16 - sow, plant and transplant any plants;
  • 19, 25, 27-28 - sow.


Lunar sowing calendar for March

In March, the lunar calendar indicates the following days as suitable for sowing tomato seeds:

  • 5–7 - sowing any vegetables for seedlings;
  • 15 - sowing seeds of vegetables not intended for storage;
  • 20–21 - sowing and planting vegetables;
  • 24-25 - sowing tomatoes;

These days it is not recommended to carry out:

  • 2 - sowing and planting of any plants;
  • 16-18 - work with soil, pre-sowing seed treatment;
  • 31 - planting and sowing.


Sowing lunar calendar for April

For tomatoes, especially favorable days in April:

  • 2-3 - sowing, transplanting seedlings and planting tomatoes, peppers, eggplant;
  • 20–22 - sowing and planting vegetables, pre-sowing seed treatment;
  • 27-29 - pre-sowing seed treatment, sowing and planting vegetables.

In April, it is not worth sowing anything and planting on the 9-10, 15-17 and 30 numbers.


Sowing lunar calendar for May

In May, in all regions, ready-made seedlings are planted in a permanent place. The sowing calendar for this operation is marked with the following dates: 9, 15, 19, 24, 25.

And 11, 17-18, 25 and 29 it is better not to do any work in the garden.

Gardeners' opinion

The sowing lunar calendar will tell both an experienced and a novice gardener on which particular day to sow seeds of tomatoes and other crops in order to get healthy, strong seedlings, which is the key to bountiful harvests of this vegetable.

Favorable days for planting tomatoes in March 2021 according to the lunar calendar

When determining the timing of planting tomatoes, along with the climatic conditions of the area and the varietal characteristics of the culture, experienced gardeners take into account the data of the lunar calendar. It has long been noted that the germination of seeds and the further development of plants is greatly influenced not only by the appropriate implementation of agrotechnical recommendations, but also by the position of the moon. To choose the days when to plant tomatoes according to the lunar calendar and according to the rules of agricultural technology, you need to take into account all the factors on which the quality of the seedlings depends.

How to determine the sowing time of a tomato?

Sowing time is determined by varietal requirements and specific phases of the moon. Gardeners noticed that at certain lunar phases, the seeds hatch more actively and grow quickly. Also with varietal characteristics:

  1. To obtain the first harvest, super-early and early varieties of tomatoes are planted, they do this in late March and early April.
  2. Late varieties of tomatoes begin to be planted at the end of February.
  3. For gardeners living in the south of Russia and having a greenhouse on the sunny side of the house, you can start growing tomatoes in early February.
  4. And in the Central Zone of Russia, on the contrary, in the second half of March they only sow seeds for seedlings.

IMPORTANT! When starting planting, it is necessary to carry out a germination control, that is, soak in a weak saline solution, provided that the planting material is independently collected. Those seeds that have surfaced dead are not suitable for growing seedlings, with the remaining seeds they continue to work on their cultivation.

Planting days for tomatoes in March 2021

According to the lunar planting calendar for March 2021, it is recommended to sow tomato seeds on days when the night celestial body is under the influence of Capricorn, Taurus, Cancer, Libra and Scorpio. At the same time, the 5th, 6th, 10th, 11th, 20th, 21st, 24th, 25th of the first month of spring are considered the most successful.

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Do not expect abundant yields from plants planted on the days of the new moon and full moon. Our ancestors also said that in the days of a new and full moon, it is better to completely refrain from any work with the earth.

So, you should not plant tomatoes on March 12, 28 this year.

Recommendations for planting, replanting, harvesting and caree

  1. The most favorable days for sowing seeds: the growing moon is Virgo, and the waning moon is Cancer, Scorpio.
  2. Astrologers do not recommend sowing and planting during the new moon and full moon, since there is weak vitality in the seeds and sprouts at this moment. The worst time to sow and plant plants is within 12 hours before and after the full moon and new moon.
  3. For rooting cuttings the most successful days: the growing moon - Aries, Taurus, Cancer and Libra, the waning - Pisces, with any moon - Scorpio and Capricorn.
  4. The most favorable time for pinching and pruning for crown formation: new moon and waning moon - Aquarius, Gemini.
  5. Astrologers recommend harvesting when the moon is growing. At the same time, bulbous, root and tuberous are best planted and harvested during the waning phase of the moon.
  6. It is best to collect seeds of plants and flowers for further planting (reproduction) during the new moon and during the waning phase of the moon. At this time, the seeds accumulate vital energy, which is released after planting. This contributes to the rapid emergence of seeds and active development with high vigor of the shoots.

March is the first month of spring. The touching first sprouts of seedlings delight, filling the soul with warmth and hope. Sowing of seeds for seedlings of vegetables (peppers, tomatoes, etc.) continues. Sowing of seedlings of flowers for every taste and color begins (asters, annual dahlias, nasturtiums and marigolds, petunias, zinnias). In the garden at this time it is important to keep the snow at the roots of the trees. For this, sawdust is placed on the snow. They start pruning trees and shrubs. In the garden, they begin to prepare warm ridges for sowing cold-resistant vegetables and planting seedlings.

In March 2021, the lunar phases were distributed so that the most favorable days for sowing seedlings of all flower crops (flowers), as well as vegetable crops such as tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, cucumbers and cabbage fall in the second half of the month (from 15 to 27 March). When planning sowing seedlings, pay special attention to this, perhaps some of the sowing should be carried out as early as possible. (for example, sowing pepper seeds for seedlings to carry out with the Moon in the sign of Taurus).

Popular signs about the weather:
Early March has April thawed patches (in the sense that if the beginning of March is warm, then the spring will drag on)
There is no water in March - there is no grass in April.

On the basis of one interesting folk omen, together with you we will try to make a weather forecast for 2021, one of the main tasks of which is to help plan the work of the upcoming garden season in 2021.

Thematic tables - selections from the main, universal calendar of the gardener-gardener:

● Gardener's lunar calendar for March 2021 - Vegetable garden. Seedling. Crops for seedlings

● Florist lunar calendar for March 2021 - Flowers and houseplants. Sowing flowers for seedlings

● Gardener's lunar calendar for March 2021 - Garden. Gardening work in March. Spring pruning and grafting

On the basis of one interesting folk omen, a weather forecast for the year has been compiled, one of the main tasks of which is to help plan gardening work.

ATTENTION! Our gardener's lunar calendar is kept by Moscow time... (The calendar can be used throughout Russia, taking into account the difference with local time *)

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