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Defense of animals and their rights

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There are numerous topics that concern this section relating to the defense of animal rights and range from problems related to the killing of animals indiscriminately, to strays, to vivisection, to animals in circuses or zoos, to abandonment, hunting, 'breeding, extinction ... in short, all those sites that consider animals as living beings and therefore fight to have rights and not just duties. Because the ethical obligations that all societies should have are not only towards people but also towards animals.

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IUNC RED LIST of Threatened Species

There red list of endangered species it is the most authoritative document in existence to highlight the species that are at risk of extinction, be they animals or plants. For each species it provides the taxonomy, population status, geographic distribution, its environment and ecology, threats to its survival and the actions to be taken for its conservation. It also provides information on extinct species. All species are categorized into: Extinct, Extinct in the Wild, Critically Endangered, Endangered, Vulnerable, Threatened, Less Concern, Data Lacking, and Not Evaluated. All information is free to consult.
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Topic list where you can find related websites

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  • Global warming and climate change
  • Defense of animals and their rights
  • Biodiversity
  • Protection of the sea and oceans
  • Trade and transport of animal and plant species

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