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In botany, stomata are small openings found in the green organs of plants, especially on the underside of leaves (with the due exceptions, for example, aquatic leaves), whose opening and closing is regulated by two cells (guard cells or closing) which have the task of opening and closing these openings, depending on the environmental conditions and the needs of the plants.The task of the stomata is therefore to guarantee the plant the possibility of having gas exchanges with the external environment.

To learn more about the function of stomata in plants, you can consult the articles: the Transpiration, thePhotosynthesis chlorophyll and plant respiration.

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  • stolidity
  • stolid
  • stollo
  • stolon 1
  • stolon 2
  • stoloniferous
  • foolishly
  • foolishness
  • stoltiloquio
  • foolishness
  • fool
  • stoma
  • -stoma
  • stomach
  • sickening
  • stomach upset
  • stomach upset
  • sickening
  • stomachic
  • stomach
  • stomachy

2 extens. Which is thought or done in a foolish, careless way: a question, a foolish action

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Meaning of stomach in English

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Idiomatic expressions

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  • bear
  • bear with sb
  • bearable
  • bidet
  • come to terms with sth idiom
  • endurable
  • philosophically
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