Siding - metal and vinyl

Increasingly, new finishing materials are used for facing houses and summer cottages. If you look at the country and garden houses built in Soviet times, then almost all of them are sheathed outside with either clapboard or tongue-and-groove boards. However, there was nothing else then.

The wood sheathing was very short-lived: it rotted from rain and snow, shriveled and warped under the influence of the sun's heat, it was destroyed by wood-eating insects and carpenter ants. And the appearance of a house with such a cladding was not at all impressive ... With constant care, such cladding served for 15-20 years.

A real breakthrough in the cladding of any houses and buildings was siding: both metal (Figure 1-a) and much more often used - vinyl (Figure 1-b) or, as it is also called, vinyl lining. And although vinyl siding has been used in many countries for more than 50 years, in Russia it is still in its "adolescence". He just turned 20 years old.

The use of metal siding (steel or aluminum), located at a certain angle to the walls, creates a very reliable structure that does not fade in the sun, resistant to any destructive effects from solar radiation to sudden temperature changes in the range from -60 ° C to + 120 ° C ... The guaranteed service life of metal siding is 30 years.

True, steel siding is susceptible to corrosion, and aluminum siding poorly resists external mechanical damage, after which non-rectifiable dents remain. In addition, the significant weight of the cladding requires a reliable method of fixing the panels to the wall so as not to create additional loads on the foundation.

Vinyl siding Is a shaped panel, consisting of 80% polyvinyl chloride (PVC), reinforced with shape stabilizers and a titanium hardness layer. Vinyl lining occupies a dominant position in the outer cladding of residential buildings and industrial premises. And this is no coincidence, because it has exceptional performance characteristics:

  • environmentally friendly material;
  • warranty period - 50 years;
  • it is used both for reconstruction and for new construction: garden and manor houses, cottages, retail facilities, industrial and public buildings. Installed on any type of surface (wood, stone, brick, concrete, plastered walls);
  • non-toxic, does not support combustion (only melts in fire);
  • resistant to harmful atmospheric influences: moisture, ultraviolet radiation;
  • frost-resistant, able to withstand temperature fluctuations from + 50 ° С to -50 ° С;
  • does not change color, does not corrode, does not rot and is not damaged by insects;
  • titanium stiffness layer allows to withstand serious deformation loads;
  • there is a fairly wide variety of colors and patterns, all kinds of combinations of tones, imitation of both the rough matte structure of natural wood, and tiles, stone, brick. All this can satisfy almost any aesthetic requirements of the customer;
  • simple and easy to operate, does not require painting or updating during the entire service life. The rain washes away dust and most of the dirt from the walls. To maintain a naturally tidy look, just wash the siding paneling with regular water and a garden hose detergent, or simply wipe it down with a washcloth. No other processing is required;
  • siding with an anti-hurricane lock easily withstands the pressure of even the most violent raging elements and keeps the facade of the house intact.

... Siding panels suit both horizontally and vertically. A fairly stable practice has developed in construction, when vertically oriented panels are used mainly in decorative cladding of utility and commercial premises.

The profile of horizontal panels is in the form of a double "ship's beam" or "herringbone". In both cases, the surface of the siding panels is at an angle to the wall. As a result, they form a kind of small visor above each other, which does not allow atmospheric precipitation to penetrate under the skin. This, in turn, allows you to keep warm in the winter and provide sufficient ventilation in the summer. In a word, siding - material for all times

Alexander Nosov
Photo by E. Valentinov

The benefits of siding

Siding has a number of advantages, including:

  • increased mechanical strength
  • heat resistance
  • moisture resistance
  • durability
  • fire safety
  • environmental safety and biological inertness
  • easy installation with minimal time investment
  • hidden fastening of panels and accessories
  • a large selection of colors and rich colors.

Wood-polymer composite (WPC) siding

This version appeared quite recently and gained recognition in a short time. It combines perfectly with other materials and can be used in the decoration of houses in both classic and modern architectural styles. Such siding is equally suitable for cladding and plinth and facade. It can even be used indoors.

An example of an inharmonious combination of brickwork, light siding and a poor looking ondulin

It is made from a mixture of small particles of non-commercial wood, polymer binder and additives (dyes, additives that reduce siding fading in the sun, fire retardants, antiseptics, and others).

Advantages of WPC siding:

  • WPC siding is different high impact resistance, frost resistance, environmental friendliness.
  • It does not absorb moisture at all, therefore, does not swell when moistened and does not shrink when dry.
  • When weather conditions change does not crack, does not deform, durable... It can be used in the temperature range from -600 ° C to +800 ° C.
  • Not affected by pests, does not grow moldy and does not rot.
  • Has good heat and sound insulating properties.
  • Does not burn and does not support combustion (but smolders in the presence of an open fire).
  • The texture of WPC siding is similar to natural. The color range is wide, but most often the natural colors of the wood are imitated. The siding is three-dimensionally colored, there are no defects inherent in natural wood on the surface, and it is rather difficult to distinguish it from natural wood siding.
  • WPC siding can be sawed, planed, sanded, nailed and attached with self-tapping screws.
  • It It does not require special care: it is enough to periodically wash the facade with water, it is also possible with detergents. But you should not use active cleaning solutions and sponges or brushes with abrasive inclusions.
  • WPC siding is pretty easy, therefore, it is possible to revet the walls with it both during construction and for updating the facade of a house, gazebo or terrace. In this case, it is not necessary to reinforce the supporting structures.

Siding and facade panels in Tula

Siding is one of the most popular materials for exterior decoration of buildings, mainly private houses and summer cottages. Strong and durable solutions are able to protect walls from corrosion and freezing, soaking, and also improve the aesthetics of the structure. We offer you to buy all types of siding in our store, and to it - profiles and additional elements.

The material has many important advantages:

  • Availability. The price of the solution is significantly lower than that of ventilated facades, as well as professional heaters.
  • Durability. Siding benefits from natural materials in greater corrosion resistance, due to which its service life is significantly extended.
  • Aesthetics. The appearance of the building will significantly improve: it will delight the eye with its neatness, it will organically fit into the overall development.
  • Practicality. Siding not only protects the walls from harmful atmospheric influences, but is also very easy to operate: it is easy to clean, wash, it does not require additional processing, and is suitable for repair.
  • Simple installation. The exterior finishing of the structure takes a little time and is carried out with a minimum number of operations: without painting, priming and other stages of labor.

How to choose the right material?

If you are looking to finish a building with siding, we are pleased to offer you a wide range of alternatives. There are many options on display, including metallic and vinyl material. Each alternative has its own advantages, and if you cannot make a choice, just call our managers.

In our store you can also order facade panels: not yielding to siding in ease of installation, such solutions have interesting aesthetics and can imitate a brick wall, natural stone, wood. With their help, you can finish the basement of a building or foundation.

You can purchase siding in Tula both on our website and in the city's shops. You should also buy everything you need to mount the materials. A wide range of alternatives, including facade panels, will allow you to make the exterior of the building unusual and interesting.

Which to choose?

The metal siding panels recommended by our online store are available in the form of:

  • Block house (geometric shapes correspond to natural logs)
  • EcoBars (excellent imitation of timber glued together)
  • Shipboard (repeats the classic overlapping boarding method)
  • Verticals (vertical siding, characterized by a flat surface and the presence of special grooves, emphasizing the sophistication of forms).


The metal siding produced by Grand Line specialists has many advantages, the main of which are:

  1. use of galvanized metal, the thickness of which is 0.5 mm (ensures the lightness and strength of the panels)
  2. the possibility of using in any of the domestic climatic zones (despite severe frosts or scorching heat, this material tends to retain its properties)
  3. large selection of colors (there are about 50 color schemes to embody the most daring design ideas)
  4. four geometric siding designs
  5. ease of maintenance (metal siding panels used as decorative cladding at home do not absorb dirt, are easy to clean and are not difficult to use)
  6. the ability to choose the size (Houses and buildings differ in size and architectural features, and the choice of size allows you to reduce the amount of waste to a minimum. The maximum length of siding panels that can be purchased with delivery is 6 meters, and the minimum is ½ meter. Unlike standard lengths, each order can be individual, saving money on repairs.)
  7. fire safety indicators (We recommend using not only for cladding public and residential buildings, but also for decorating gas stations and trade pavilions, buildings of factories and factories. This siding goes well with wooden structures.)
  8. burnout resistance (special coatings and zinc plating provide excellent corrosion resistance and prevent sun discoloration)
  9. color saturation (quality colorants and a strong base ensure color retention for decades)
  10. environmental indicators (metal siding does not contain toxins and other substances harmful to the human body).

To reduce the likelihood of damage to the product during storage or transportation, metal siding is covered with a protective film. Proof of the longevity of siding metal panels is the 50-year warranty. By purchasing siding panels in bulk, the price is even more profitable!

Material calculation

The process of calculating the number of vinyl panels for facade decoration is a trivial task and does not involve high complexity. The first step is to find out the entire area of ​​the walls that will be covered with panels. For each wall, the width is multiplied by the height. After that, all the results obtained are added up. Next, you need to find out what area one panel can cover. To do this, its length is multiplied by its width. The final step is to divide the total finish area by the area of ​​one vinyl panel plank. The result will be the number of trim panels required. Now it remains to divide them by the number in a pack, and it will become known how many packs of panels will be required. In this case, you should definitely make a stock of 10% of the total. This will be a safety net in case one of the panels is damaged.

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