5 of my favorite tomato varieties that are great for pickling

I love tomatoes, both fresh and canned. I procure them for the winter - I salt and marinade in jars. Not all varieties of tomatoes are suitable for this. Vegetables should be strong, elastic, so as not to fall apart when harvested whole.

My favorite varieties are Rio Grande, Krasnogvardeets, French bunch, Korean long-fruited, Bendrik yellow cream. I'll tell you about each of them in detail.

Rio Grande

I have been growing and salting this variety for over 10 years. It is well suited for outdoor use. It ripens 110 days after germination. Fruits are red, plum-like in shape, medium-sized - 100-150 g. The skin is strong, resistant to cracking. Plants yield before frost.

If you store them correctly, then for the New Year you can get delicious fruits ripened for a festive dinner. They must be kept in a box, the bottom of which is lined with coniferous sawdust, peat or sphagnum.

Green fruits, rubbed with vodka and laid in a layer, are covered with sawdust. This way you can save 3 layers of tomatoes. The variety is perfect for pickling, pickling.

Red Guard

Plant growth is limited, i.e. determinant. The variety is medium early. The fruits have an elongated, even shape, the color is rich red, there is no green spot near the stalk.

The pulp is fleshy and juicy, the taste is sweet. Average weight of fruits - 70-100 g. Fruits ripen together, the plants are fruitful. For pickling - my favorite variety, because the skin does not burst when canning.

French bunch

I discovered this mid-early variety quite recently. The plants are tall, give a large yield. Fruits are elongated, weighing about 100 g. Tomatoes do not crack. They have a very bright taste both fresh and canned.

Korean long-fruited

The largest variety for canning. Plant growth is not limited, it can have a height of 1.5-1.8 m. The yield is high. The weight of pepper-shaped tomatoes is about 300 g.

The pink-red fruits have a lot of pulp and almost no seeds. Bear fruit for a long time. Sweet, delicious. Not prone to cracking. Looks great in blanks.

Bendrick's yellow cream

Ukrainian variety created by an amateur grower from the city of Gorodnya. Differs in high productivity. Has limited ability to grow.

Suitable for growing in greenhouses and open field. Fruits are cylindrical in shape with blunt ends. Light weight - 60-70 g. Yellow tomatoes, sweet in taste.

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TOP-30 best varieties of tomatoes for conservation

You are unlikely to argue with us if we call the tomato culture one of the most beloved and most popular vegetables among Ukrainians. And not because Ukrainians love salads, although this, of course, too. And because Ukrainian hostesses love to preserve for the winter. And tomatoes are a real pearl for homemade preparations: they are salted and pickled, and turned into sauces or juice, and boiled into tomato paste ... The taste is incredible! But not always. Why, you ask, are the tomatoes really tasty for one hostess, and not very good for the other, who cooked them according to a similar recipe? It's all about the grade. Are you sure you are choosing the right tomato variety? Now we will find out.

The highest-yielding tomato varieties for the Moscow region

Harvest varieties of tomatoes easily yield up to 12-13 kg of fruit per bush, and even more. Especially in stable greenhouse conditions. But some are not inferior to the open field.


With proper care and maintenance in the Moscow region, up to 18 kg of harvest can be harvested from the Verlioki square. Small tomatoes are used fresh and for preservation.

Bovine ears

The variety is easily recognized by the elongated shape of the sweet, fleshy fruits. They do not crack, tolerate transportation well and are suitable for tomato paste and juices.


A relatively young domestic hybrid is ideally adapted to the conditions of the Moscow region. It easily tolerates temperature extremes and changeable weather without harming the crop.


Andromeda gives a very friendly and quick harvest, for which summer residents appreciate it. It is easy to collect up to 10 kg of tomatoes from one bush, and this is a rarity for varieties with an early ripening period.

De Barao

The variety is interesting not only for its high yield, but also for the variety of fruits. They can be of a variety of colors, from yellow to scarlet or crimson.

The best varieties of tomatoes for pickling greenhouse cultivation

De Barao Red

The first in this nomination is a variety that has several "brothers", similar in characteristics, but differing in color. De Barao Red is the most popular member of this family. It is widely used by summer residents of all regions of Russia. Tomatoes are smooth, smooth, of the same shape and weight. The mass of one tomato varies from 70 to 90 g. The bush grows up to 2 m. Up to 7.5 kg of vegetables are harvested from each tomato.

Tomatoes are equally well suited for pickling in barrels and canning in jars. Due to the high sugar content, mold does not form. The dense skin does not burst, the pulp retains its aroma and taste with any type of processing. The variety is resistant to all typical diseases. It perfectly tolerates drought, lower temperatures, does not require frequent feeding. Indicators of keeping quality and transportability are high. Tomatoes are used in industry for the production of tomato paste, ketchup, conservation.

According to reviews, a universal variety combines the best characteristics, because of which it is chosen by most vegetable growers in the country. The harmonious combination of sugar content and acidity allows you to eat fresh tomatoes.


  • smooth, attractive tomatoes
  • friendly fruiting
  • unpretentiousness
  • balanced taste
  • universal application.


Scarlet candles

The second place in the rating goes to the variety, a distinctive feature of which is the shape of ripe fruits. They are narrow, strongly elongated, and resemble burning candles. Dense tomatoes reach a weight of 60-100 g. Taste qualities are assessed as "excellent", therefore they are used for winter harvesting, and fresh. The pulp is firm, with little spread of seeds. The skin is smooth, does not burst when overripe and after pouring with hot marinade. The advantage is that regardless of the weather conditions and the quality of the soil, the plant gives a bountiful harvest.

The bushes are tall, reaching 2 m. From 1 sq. m is harvested 15 kg of vegetables. The variety is highly resistant to disease. The taste is bright, pronounced. Tomato aroma, intense. Ripe vegetables are stored for a long time, they can be transported at any distance.

Summer residents noted that tomatoes, due to their dense pulp, are suitable for freezing, drying, drying, processing into juice. For its versatility, many gave the variety the highest score.


  • attractive unusual shape
  • sweetish aromatic taste
  • tying under any conditions
  • long fruiting period
  • disease resistance.


Wonder of the world

Rating bronze - for a variety that will decorate the site and draw attention to bright winter preparations. It is the result of long-term selection and today pleases summer residents in all regions of the country. The peculiarity of the Wonder of the World is its bright yellow color. The bush reaches 2 m in height. From each formed brush grows up to 25 strong fruits weighing 60-80 g. In appearance, tomatoes resemble a lemon. Tomatoes are high in sugar and vitamins.

The taste is sweet, without sourness. Tomatoes are actively used for canning, as they are well preserved after heat treatment, do not soften, do not burst. Fresh, they are also delicious, creating a festive mood even when preparing the simplest dishes. The yield indicators are high. One plant stably yields 12 kg of fruits, but there are cases when the figure was 18-20 kg.

According to reviews, this is one of the best yellow varieties for pickling, which, in addition to a rich "sunny" shade, has undeniable advantages over analogues. Freshness lasts for a long time. The transportation of the fruits is calm. Even with long-term transportation, the presentation remains unchanged.


  • original appearance
  • high sugar content
  • immunity to bacteria and viruses
  • not picky about care
  • consistently high fruiting.


Lady fingers

The variety, beloved by many summer residents, occupies a worthy fourth line in the ranking. It got its name due to its elongated, elongated shape, reminiscent of miniature ladies' fingers. Tomatoes ripen 100 days after germination. They are bright red, can be either smooth or slightly ribbed. The weight of a vegetable does not exceed 70 g. In greenhouses, the bush grows up to 1.2 m. 5-6 tomatoes are formed in each cluster.

Good taste. The pulp is fleshy, sweetish, with a small amount of seeds. Tomatoes are used for all types of processing, although they are good fresh. When salted, tomatoes are not covered with mold, when poured with boiled brine, they do not crack, the pulp and skin remain dense. Keeping quality is long-lasting. When transported, the fruits feel great.

The culture responds well to drought, waterlogging, lower temperatures. She has immunity to all typical diseases and pests. Gardeners noted that this is the best variety for whole-fruit canning, which not only has an excellent taste, but also an attractive appearance. It does not need intensive care, it bears fruit abundantly and for a long time.


  • interesting appearance
  • yield - up to 10 kg per bush
  • high commercial qualities
  • excellent keeping quality and transportability
  • versatility of use.


Varieties for sauces and juices

Tomato juice from tomatoes from your own garden compares favorably with the purchased one in the absence of harmful additives. Not all tomatoes are suitable for preparing homemade products. The fruits are selected according to the following criteria:

  • the pulp should be juicy, but without wateriness
  • tomatoes need to be fully ripe on a branch, it is allowed to use slightly overripe tomatoes
  • yellow varieties are not suitable, as are hybrids without a pronounced taste.

Tomato juice of several varieties is especially wonderful. The combination of different flavors allows you to adjust the balance of sweet and sour at your discretion.

Some of the most suitable tomatoes for juicing include:

Korneevsky... An early large variety of domestic selection grows up to 1.5 m. Red tomatoes, weighing up to 600 g, with light ribbing ripen on fruit clusters. They are distinguished by very juicy pulp of medium density and sweet aftertaste. 5-6 kg of yield is harvested from one plant. Bushes must be tied to a support.

Darling of fate... Pepper tomatoes with red skin and rich pink flesh are eaten fresh and used in sauces and juices. Tall bushes bear up to 3 kg of fruit. Grown in a greenhouse or garden beds. Fast and friendly ripening allows you to harvest before the appearance of late blight. Indoors, it grows more than one and a half meters and needs support.

Bear Paw... The variety got its name due to the specific shape of the leaves. Large flattened tomatoes with a slight ribbing at the base have a sugary pulp. In a greenhouse shelter, the bushes continue to grow up to 2 meters and give up to 7 kg of harvest per season. Needs additional feeding and support. According to gardeners' reviews, a delicious juice is obtained from the fruits, while caring for the crop is not very difficult.

Fatima... An early variety of ground tomatoes with spreading bushes. The height of the plant is limited to 60-70 cm. Up to 3.5 kg can mature on one plant. The large fruits are heart-shaped. The smooth red skin has a yellow spot at the base. It is appreciated by gardeners for its immunity to diseases, yield and taste of ripe tomatoes, from which excellent tomato juice is obtained.

Pink flamingo... In central Russia, it ripens in 100-110 days. The size of ripe fruits varies from 200 g to 450 g. Due to its moderate density, the pulp is easily processed for juice. Gardeners celebrate great taste and pronounced tomato aroma. For maximum productivity, the bush is formed into 2 stems, provided with support.

Many gardeners use surplus tomatoes to make tomato paste, adjika or lecho. In the course, as a rule, substandard specimens are used that did not fit in the jar due to their size, slightly overripe and cracked on the branch. Such fruits become a good base for sauces. There is no need to plant special varieties on the site. It is not recommended to use only watery tomatoes, they make fresh preparations.

Pickled tomatoes can be of various varieties. The wide assortment of seeds available in specialized stores gives you room for experimentation. For a guaranteed result, it is better to turn to time-tested yielding varieties.

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