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The girl was given a caesarean. So, she lies on the table. They got my daughter and the doctor says: “Oh, you have DOUBLE. Didn't they tell you? " She is horrified: “No, no. ". Well the doctor is gone. She asks the midwife: "When will they get the second?" Midwife: "Which second?" She: "So the doctor said that I have twins!" Midwife: "Aaaaa, so Sergei Ivanovich is a joker"

They laughed for a long time. True, she believed)))

The girl was given a caesarean to make it easier for her to give birth to a baby. So, she lies on the table. They got my daughter and the doctor says: “Oh, you have DOUBLE. Why didn't they tell you? ”She is terrified:“ No, no. “Well, the doctor left. She asks the midwife.

continuation here ..

Is it true that planting white beans scares the Colorado potato beetle away from the potato field?

Truth. It is enough to plant one bean with a tuber on all edges of the field, and the beetles will not get over from the neighbors to you. Show in full. But if their larvae hibernated in your field, then they will not crawl from your site to the neighboring one.

The drug "Sonnet" works well against the beetle. A single spraying a season before flowering is enough. Economical consumption - just one ampoule per 10 liters of water is enough to process potatoes on one hundred square meters.

How to plan 10 acres: garden, vegetable garden, resting place, parking for a car

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Igor Kupriyanov Wed, 27 Jan 2021 09:20:00 +0300

Everything is simple with the house and its location, if everything is clear with the space between the facade of the house and the entrance group - the gate and the wicket. You won't be able to fantasize much here.

But when planning the location of the remaining necessary structures in the country, we find out that everything is important. Only a competent layout of a plot of 10 acres will help make it functional and beautiful. And original - if you want and the budget allows.

Design - sketchy and professional, using programs (choosing the best option that takes into account the interests of all family members) is an important stage in the work on the placement of zones. We are talking about an entrance area - a garage or a parking lot with an entrance area, a parade group, decorative, playground, an active recreation area, a barbecue area, for a secluded recreation, barriers, outbuildings.

Placement is important taking into account the cardinal points - the house should not obscure the sun, let it obscure the territory from the prevailing wind.

Our opinion:

- The use of programs is convenient: scaling, combining, indicating errors, displaying information during adjustments. The convenience of many programs is the presence of a calculator for the automatic generation of estimates during design.

A garage and a parking lot are arranged not far from the gate, so as not to occupy the land with a long entrance. You can integrate the garage into the basement, there is a variant of the garage device without deepening, using the space above it as a room or veranda.

Gardening lunar calendar from 15 to 21 February

The third week of February gives summer residents four favorable sowing days at once. While residents of the northern regions continue to throw snow on shrubs and greenhouses, residents of the southern regions are whitewashing and pruning trees in the garden. We offer the Lunar calendar of gardening works from February 15 to February 21: find out what work is recommended to be carried out in your region at this time.

February 15, Monday

The growing moon in Aries, 5 l.d.

  • Most of the crops will have to be postponed until another day. An exception is lettuce and onions, which today can be planted on a feather. Use boxes or, if available, heated greenhouses for this.
  • A good time to kill insect pests and fight disease. If the weather is already mild, you can prune fruit trees and berry bushes.
  • Thinking about working with the land? Do not hesitate: today the Moon favors loosening, digging, mulching.
  • Gardeners from central regions can whitewash trees. If there are frosts, treat the trunks.

The growing moon in Aries, 6 l.d.

  • Work with the ground is still permissible. It is also a good idea to take care of your indoor flower seedlings. You can feed them with mineral fertilizers.
  • Today you can sow only those plants that are immediately sent to the dinner table: salad, watercress, onions, dill, parsley. Sowing is done in containers or heated greenhouses.
  • It is time for residents of the southern regions to take care of creating compost piles. In regions where the sun is already shining brightly, you need to cover the beds on the territory with black material.

The growing moon in Taurus, 7 l.d.

  • Sowing root crops is not recommended. But green and vegetable crops - please! If it's already quite warm outside the window, you can plant stone fruits.
  • Gardeners from warm regions can finish planting tomatoes, peppers, cabbage and melons for seedlings.
  • Continue planting peppers, eggplants and tomatoes in central areas.
  • And in the northern regions, where the snow is not going to melt yet, you need to take care of the berry fields - cover them with snow, hiding them from possible severe frosts.

The growing moon in Taurus, 8 l.d.

  • This is a good time to take care of the seedlings. You can dive it, transplant it or treat it with mineral fertilizers.
  • Fruit trees and shrubs can be planted in the southern territories that have already been freed from snow.


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  • In the center, continue sowing vegetables for seedlings - eggplants, cabbage, tomatoes, peppers.
  • And in the northern regions there is a favorable time for planting celery of any kind.

The growing moon in Taurus, 9 l.d.

  • Planting, transplanting, feeding, watering and other work with seedlings are still relevant.
  • In warm areas, fruit trees and berry bushes can be pruned. You can also tidy up perennials.
  • Gardeners from the central regions can start cutting dahlias, chrysanthemums, geraniums.
  • And residents of the northern territories are advised to sow flowers with a long growing season.

The growing moon in Gemini, 10 l.d.

  • Bad day for planting and transferring. However, you should not completely abandon this type of work in the garden: pay attention to roses, strawberries and chrysanthemums. If it's already warm outside, you can start transplanting these plants.
  • Finally, today you have time for pest control.
  • In the south, you can do the formation of crowns, as well as sowing. It is allowed to sow peas, strawberries and beans - for seedlings or in heated greenhouses.
  • In the north, gardeners are advised to continue to work on snow retention.

February 21, Sunday

The growing moon in Gemini, 11 l.d.

  • Inspect the area and remove weeds.
  • Watering is not worth it, but sowing climbing plants (including strawberries) is a good option.
  • In the south, continue with whitewashing and pest control. You can hang up trapping belts. Another useful activity for today is to clean up greenhouses and greenhouses.

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Interesting advice. I cut off the sprouts of sprouted potatoes and use them as a growth stimulant: the plants grow almost before our eyes.

I no longer throw out the sprouts of sprouted potatoes, but use them as a natural and powerful stimulant Show in full. growth for plants and trees.
The question of accelerating the growth and development of plants always remains relevant. You can make your own growth stimulant without spending extra money on it, because almost everyone has natural ingredients.

In order to prepare the solution, we need - water and sprouts of sprouted potatoes. Few people know that these seedlings are a source of plant hormones that stimulate the growth and formation of roots in various crops. Such a growth stimulator, prepared from the components available to everyone, has managed to prove its usefulness and effectiveness.
Cooking: pour about 350 g of sprouted potato growths into 2 liters of water, but before that we grind the seedlings in our hands, leave the jar to infuse for 7 hours in a warm place, then filter or use it as it is. The solution should be slightly oily.

We use: we use such a solution for watering and spraying plants, as well as for soaking seeds. If the weather is too hot or too cold, then the plants can experience some stress, so it is best to spray them with the prepared infusion. If the seedlings have slowed down their growth and development, then it is optimal to water it with infusion along with nitrogen fertilization - the plants will grow almost before our eyes. Best diluted 1: 6.

With such a simple and affordable infusion, which is a powerful organic growth promoter for plants, you are unlikely to throw away sprouted sprouts, which are rich in growth hormones, next time.
Bountiful harvests for everyone!

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