The blueberry is a plant that grows spontaneously within the northern hemisphere and is part of the large Ericaceae family, as well as belonging to the Vaccinium genus.

It is a genus that can boast within it well over 130 species, which obviously have considerable differences between them, also as regards the medicinal properties they are able to offer.

They range from bilberry to cranberry, but there is also cranberry and blueberry, without forgetting the American giant blueberry.

The blueberry is one of those plants that manages to develop in the best way when it is placed in an acid soil (the pH, in most cases, is between 5 and 5.5), as well as within fresh and fertile environments.

The blueberry is a spontaneous plant that multiplies both by woody cutting and by herbaceous cutting.

The blueberry is characterized by having a perfect development in all those submontane and mountain areas: this explains the reason why it is particularly widespread in the Alps and can also be found on the Apennine chain, ... continue

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continue ..., as well as inside woods and also in some moors.

We must not forget how the blueberry has been at the center of a large number of legends and traditions.

In fact, the Nordic peoples already believed that the blueberry plant had magical properties to combat bad luck: precisely for this reason, its branches were used in the celebration of the little Yule (anniversary that falls on December 13), which takes place precisely in correspondence of the winter solstice and which should bring good luck according to popular beliefs.

The blueberry is undoubtedly a particularly widespread shrub also in the medicinal field.

It is, in fact, a plant from which different parts are extracted for medicinal purposes.

In the event that the berries of the blueberry plant are used, then you will be able to enjoy the effects mainly related to therapeutic actions.

The berries that characterize the bilberry, in fact, have the characteristics of having a good quantity of organic acids inside them, but also a fair number of vitamins (A and C) and, albeit with lower contents, also vitamin B and anthocyanic glycosides. .

Precisely these latter substances have remarkable properties from a medical point of view: in fact, they are characterized by carrying out a strengthening action against blood vessels, as well as allowing the faster strengthening of the connective tissue.

In addition, all those substances that are found within the blueberry phytocomplex are characterized by providing important protective properties against the capillaries, also allowing them to carry out purely treatment activities for all those disorders that affect the circulatory system. , veins and capillaries.

Anthocyanins are also characterized by carrying out a beneficial activity towards the eyes, since they allow a faster regeneration of the retinal purpura, which represents the pigment of the retina.

The most important nutritional aspects related to blueberry refer to the considerable amount of vitamin A and C.

Anthocyanins are also particularly useful substances for the health of the cardiovascular system.

In fact, numerous studies and researches have guaranteed that the dry extract of blueberry can be particularly useful for contrasting the formation of atherosclerotic plaques.

Anthocyanins are also able to be particularly effective for carrying out a beneficial activity against hypertensive subjects.

We must not forget that anthocyanins are absolutely able to offer important support to ailments such as diarrhea and infections affecting the urinary tract.

On the market we can find a large number of products that are made with blueberry.

In fact, the dietary products that are made up of blueberry have the particular characteristic of being able to be purchased with absolute ease, since they are available both in pharmacies and herbalists, as well as in supermarkets.

First of all, we must emphasize that in supermarkets we can find mainly fruit juices, but sometimes there are also blueberry-based food supplements, although in this case it is much easier to go to pharmacies and herbalists.

The major blueberry-based products on the market that can easily fall into the sphere of food supplements are syrups, concentrated juices, extract capsules, tablets and also numerous powder formulations.

We must also not forget how blueberry juice, when it is pure, is characterized by having an extremely acid and astringent taste, which can often be a little disgusting: this explains the reason why, rather frequently, it is added. some sweeteners, but also water and vitamin C.

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