All about Garden No. 9 2013

Summer for real! About flowers, bees and barbecue, and so All about Garden's big anniversary party.

From the content:

Take cuttings of trees, shrubs and climbing plants.

This year's big anniversary party with Allt om Trädgård!

Cook deliciously outside. The stuff that makes cooking a party.

Recipe for pot. Revel in different combinations of hydrogen in summer outdoor pots.

Towards the Mediterranean - that's how you create the style. The plants, the gadgets and the experts who did it.

Greenhouses to use and thrive all year round.

Mota wake them up! Then you get rid of aphids.

New York - green city. Discover the garden city of New York.

Tie the cutest summer wreath of geraniums.

HANDBOOK: Carpentry with André and Björn.


Rooms for large and small. Eating, cooking, sleeping, playing, hanging out .... Eira Fogelberg and Jonas Hertl spend the summer home life outdoors.


Most beautiful in the village. Lennart Gisselsson wanted both. A classic Scanian garden and a secret garden. Together they became a beauty in constant transformation.

All about Garden

Everything about Garden is the obvious choice for everyone who likes gardening. We inspire and give solid advice. Our beautiful garden pictures evoke grand dreams that we help to realize! We have the sharpest experts and the best ideas, the newest plants and gadgets that make green life more beautiful in the garden, on the terrace and balcony.

You get 6 numbers to a value of SEK 372.

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