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Bach flowers simply represent a real remedy that arises as alternatives to traditional healing techniques and whose fundamental principles are inspired by phytotherapy (also more commonly called "therapy that is carried out using flowers"): it is a practice that was born thanks to a great intuition of the English-born doctor Edward Bach.

Bach, in fact, thought that this natural remedy made it possible to satisfy universal needs, that is to have a therapy that is easy enough to be within the physical and economic reach of every person on the face of the Earth.

Bach's theories, in fact, were based on the fact that each person has, within him, the capacity and potential to be able to perform an excellent self-diagnosis and, consequently, a self-practice.

The therapy understood according to Bach thought should have had two peculiarities: we are talking about not producing any kind of side effect, ... continue

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continue ..., as well as that of having a tendency to prevent disorders that affect the human organism.

According to Bach, it would be the single flower to allow the cure of a certain psychological disorder that also hides behind a physical discomfort.

On the basis of these inspiring principles, we can affirm that Bach has provided to differentiate as many as thirty-eight types of behaviors that would correspond to as many species of flowers: precisely from the energy of these plants it would be possible to derive the possibility of treating the individual disorders that affect the human body. .

Bach flowers represent essences of a natural nature that can boast a large number of beneficial and curative properties.

Each flower, as we have already said, is associated with a certain type of behavior and, in relation to the sensitivity and potential of each person, you can go and cure a certain disorder that affects the human body with a specific flower of Bach.

Each Bach flower, therefore, is able to treat and cure a particular type of behavior, which is then thought to cause physical discomfort.

Just to give an example, a feeling like jealousy can produce the basis for the formation of cancer or pleurisy, while self-pity has the negative effect of producing back problems or headaches. that were brought "to light" by the British physician were those who were renamed with the term "Twelve healers".

These are the twelve flowers that the doctor of Welsh origins began to experiment: obviously he practiced the first phase of tests and experiments on himself, and then also began to implement this technique on various patients.

After a few years, Bach also discovered the other twenty-six flowers.

Bach's advice was to pick the flowers when they were at the peak of flowering and, above all, during the first hours after dawn of a sunny day.

The flower did not have to carry anything other than its main parts and it had to be kept inside a small dish of water and then subjected to treatments according to the two methods that have been described in Bach's works.

The classification concerning Bach flowers is particularly long and complex and, for this reason, we only report the names and some interesting notions about each of them.

As for the twelve healing flowers, the progenitors of the entire remedy, we will also make a quick description of the meaning that concerns each single flower.

Agrimony is that flower that is used above all for the treatment of all those situations of anxiety and torment, while Centaury deals with treating those who feel weaker and without willpower; Chicory is the ideal flower for all those people who tend to be remarkably possessive towards things and people, up to extreme and blackmailing behaviors; Rock Rose distinguishes the flower that takes care of those who keep great fears and are easily frightened; Gentian is the right flower for all those people who are always seized by pessimism and give in before the first difficulties; Mimulus is the suitable flower for all those subjects who fear things in the world; Impatiens, as you can easily guess even from the name itself, is the flower for those who never have patience and are unable to have a balance between their life and that of the people around them; Cerato is the flower for those who lack self-confidence; Scleranthus is for those who are always insecure and never manage to make decisions in their life; Vervain is the ideal flower for all those subjects who cannot keep their feet on the ground and often proves to be very childish; Water Violet is the flower, on the other hand, for those who are overly proud and free-spirited, who like to spend a lot of time in solitude.

Clematis is the ideal flower for all those people who always dream and cannot live reality.

Bach flowers, among their many properties, also have the ability to be useful to people who intend to lose weight and are about to embark on a diet. Of course, without the combination of a healthy and balanced diet and constant physical activity, it is unthinkable to lose weight. Willpower is essential in these cases and Bach flowers cannot work miracles, but they can be a valuable aid, especially on a psychological level, to give the necessary strength to achieve the desired goal, the much sought-after goal. One of the characteristics of these flowers is the ability to act on the human brain, not so much by burning fat or body calories but precisely by allowing the person in question to ward off negative moods, sadness, pessimism, stress and depression. Having achieved this first goal, you can then proceed with the next step facing everything with serenity and strength!

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