Fall care for shrub roses

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Fall care for shrub roses is the perfect preparation for our spring blooms. Take the shrubs out of winter's cold and wind, and put them into warmer soil. Bonsai compost or soil mix with plenty of moisture will do, but since this is fresh bark mulch, make sure you do not add fertilizers or any other added nutrients. Your plants will wake up in spring to be ready to bloom.

Fall Fall Care

Get your shrubs out of cold winter and into a cool and moist but not wet garden in spring. Bonsai compost or other soil mix with plenty of water is a good planting medium for your new spring flowers. Spring is the best time for this.

Weather perils for shrubs

Despite the sun, warmth, and rainfall of winter, a number of deadly winter weather perils can beset shrubs and even trees. Do not let your plants overwinter in the garden, just keep them in a warm spot in the house. Remove shrubs or trees when their leaves start to yellow and wither.

From time to time during cold weather, healthy shrubs and small trees will have their leaves turn yellow and wither. This is a normal part of the growth cycle and they will heal and recover quickly. A few twigs will die out, and this will soon be replaced by healthy new growth. Remove such plants from the garden when this happens, or you will weaken them and they will be less resistant to other seasonal dangers.

Roof and Porch Shrubs

There is nothing prettier and more accessible to your home than living shrubs and plants growing up from your roofs and porches. Shingle roofing plants in particular offer an elegant, unpretentious way of transforming a building into a garden. Coniferous and deciduous, and even flowering plants, they make beautiful winter and summer displays and enhance the house all year round. There is even a great range of roofing plants for use in garden design and landscaping.

Shrubs can be just as beautiful on a balcony or in a garden and will add character and interest to any outdoor space.

When planning a roof garden, remember that plants grown on a shingle roof are likely to be wet and cold in the winter. Water is easily brought in by the rainfall, but it is important to keep them well-watered during the growing season to avoid the plants from drying out, leaving them susceptible to sun scald. As well as this, they need to be kept cool during the hottest part of the day. Any plants on the roof should be protected from sunburn by a roof shade.

Keep up to date with your shrubs and trees in our annual plan for all the tips and tricks of gardening.

Don’t Forget Your Shrubs

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